Historic Restoration

In the entire Southeastern United States there are very few companies that can match L.E. Schwartz and Son, Inc. for perfection and accuracy in not only new and reroofing applications, but historic roof restoration as well. All too often architectural jewels of bygone times are sacrificed for new structures. If you take the time to look around you’re sure to see dozens and dozens of structures around your area that have served generation after generation with gracious dignity.  If you’d like to make sure future generations enjoy the depression era county courthouse, the administration building built in 1870 or the house of worship where generations have gathered; L.E. Schwartz and Son, Inc.  can help restore the architecturally significant roof as well as wonderful memories.

Time Honored Traditions

Our restoration artisans can reproduce and install the tiniest detail to perfection just the same as it was done generations ago. We are skilled enough to restore the old clock tower that has overlooked the town square for a hundred years as well as those finials that were meticulously crafted by hand. Take a look at some of the time honored buildings we have restored. We can do the same for you.