What You Should Do

Plan to get the most out of your roof system by implementing an ongoing maintenance program. Every roof needs regular checks for what may appear to be minor damage or degradation. But that “minor damage” could easily become a potential disaster. Treat your roof as you treat all other assets and manage it to ensure the maximum benefit over its entire service life.

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Talk to us about establishing a preventive roofing maintenance program. Typical items included in our maintenance program are:

  • Semiannual inspections
  • Detailed written inspection reports
  • Photographs of roof problem areas
  • Cleaning of drains and removal of debris
  • Maintenance of general purpose sealant at roof system flashing joints, penetration pockets, etc
  • Inspection for tears, punctures, and abrasions not covered under the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Inspection of interior and exterior walls for cracks and moisture stains
  • Flashing conditions such as curbs and parapet walls

Let our team of professionals work for you

  • No one has more experience in roofing maintenance
  • Our fleet of maintenance trucks can be quickly dispatched anywhere in the Southeast
  • We can be on call for you around the clock

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